Every DUI Case Deserves The Best Possible Defense

The state of Alabama considers you to be driving under the influence if, in most cases, your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or above. Many people charged with a DUI assume they cannot win and toss in the towel, accepting a guilty plea. This is extremely unwise! You would be surprised to learn of the many ways in which an aggressive, competent DUI defense attorney can find holes in the prosecution's case. Time and time again, we at the Eversole Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama have successfully challenged the accuracy of field sobriety and breath tests, called into question the veracity of police reports… even had judges rule that the initial stop of our client's vehicle itself was unjustified, and thus all evidence collected thereafter was inadmissible in court.

DUI Penalties Run The Gamut, But Even Loss of License Can Be Devastating

A first time offender might just lose his or her license for 90 days. On the other hand, up to a year in jail is also a possibility. As you might imagine, a drunk driving incident involving an injury or death can substantially heighten the possible punishment should you be convicted. If you are a commercial driver, the loss of your drivers license may be a career-ending moment in your life. We don't say these things to be hyperbolic or melodramatic; rather, our intention is to underscore how important it is that you secure a strong DUI defense team as soon as possible. Not only will things move quickly in the criminal proceedings, but you will also find yourself adrift without legal counsel in the administrative proceedings (involving your license) that take place early on. It is imperative that you secure high-caliber legal representation at the beginning of your journey – the kind of advocate who will help navigate you through to the end and who will protect not only your legal rights but also can empathize with the emotional toll this kind of experience takes on a person and his loved ones.

Steven Eversole: Long-Time Fierce Defender of DUI Cases

Steven D. Eversole is a member of the prestigious National College of DUI Defense, an organization that exists to promote, educate and acknowledge the country's most exceptional DUI defense lawyers and attorneys. He's successfully challenged all kinds of charges that involve everyone from multiple offenders to under-21 old drivers and commercial drivers at risk of losing their job as a result of their DUI. He is also the only attorney in the state of Alabama to publish his own DUI defense blog. Here you can find posts on recent events or changes in the law, or just Eversole's thoughts on various DUI defense-related subjects. This blog is his way of staying always cutting edge, always acutely aware of legal trends or turning points that may have a bearing on one of his cases. His blog, and his DUI website should give you a sense of the breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience. To learn more about how Steven can help you, contact us for a free initial consultation.