Juvenile Criminal Defense

Growing Up Was A Trial By Fire For All of Us…
…But When It Becomes A Real Trial, It's Time To Call A Lawyer

Let's start with two basic truisms. First, people make mistakes. Second, kids make A LOT OF MISTAKES. It is a cruel aspect of youth that a person simultaneously has their whole life ahead of them… as well as the inclination to do a whole bunch of stuff to screw it all up. Fortunately, there really are such a thing as second chances, and at the Eversole Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, second chances are our specialty.

Our firm's founder, Steven D. Eversole, is a veteran family law AND criminal defense attorney. This comprehensive background enables him to bring to the table a host of skills and a vast compendium of knowledge that he will put to vigorous use defending the rights of his juvenile client. He has represented under-age clients facing all manner of charges, including the following:

  • Drug possession, sales, and/or manufacturing
  • Firearms or other weapons
  • Theft (ranging from shoplifting to larceny, etc.)
  • Destruction of property and other forms of vandalism
  • Acts of violence or sexual assault

In most instances, a juvenile will be charged with a delinquent act and tried in juvenile court. However, in cases where the act is deemed egregious enough, the prosecution may seek to charge the juvenile with a crime and try him or her as an adult. We will fight hard to keep your child's case in juvenile court, where we can negotiate alternative sentencing options geared toward rehabilitation rather than just punishment.

The Juvenile Court System

We should note that even juvenile court is not some walk in the park. Juvenile delinquency charges can result in a disruption in the child's education and a juvenile criminal record, and if the child is convicted, he or she could be forced to spend time at a juvenile detention center. The point we're trying to hammer home here is that once your child is arrested, you should waste no time in finding the services of an attorney who has more than a passing familiarity with juvenile criminal defense. Not only is Steven Eversole well versed in the legal particulars of juvenile criminal defense, but he is also a guardian ad litem and the husband of a school psychologist, so he has a better understanding than most in his field about the emotional impact this process has on the child and the parents alike.

The Adult Court System

If your child is tried as an adult, that's all the more reason to choose an advocate with substantive experience in not only juvenile criminal defense, but all manner of adult criminal charges as well. In an adult court, your child faces possible jail time and a public, permanent criminal record (as opposed to juvenile records, which usually can be sealed when the child becomes 18). You need someone with a reputation for aggressively defending his clients. You need someone whose skills, passion, and knowledge set him apart from his peers. For a sense of how Steven Eversole has gone about raising the bar for other lawyers in this state, go no further than his blog. He is the only attorney in Alabama to publish a criminal defense blog. And to learn more about Steven and how our team can help you and your child, contact us for a free initial consultation.