Sex Crimes

We Know The Toll of Being Charged With Sex Crimes, Both Legal and Personal

Sex crimes stand apart from other criminal charges in that they carry with them a certain social stigma that clings to you whether you are innocent or guilty, whether you are convicted or acquitted. Your freedom is at risk, but so too is your good name. It's a public relations battle as much as a legal one. Marriages, families, jobs, your place in a community – all these things can crumble under the weight of a sex crime charge. Our simple point is this: don't try and fight this battle with anything but the very best legal advocate at your side from beginning to end. At the Eversole Law Firmin Birmingham, Alabama, we handle all manner of sex crimes in the city of Birmingham, the surrounding areas, and throughout the state of Alabama, including such places as Shelby, Jefferson and Madison counties. Our firm's founder, Steven D. Eversole, is a fierce defender of clients charged with state and federal sex crimes that range from rape and prostitution to overseas “sex tourism” and child pornography.

Rape and Sexual Assault in a Court of Law, Not The Court of Public Opinion

Rape is one of the most common sex crimes we deal with as criminal defense attorneys. Under Alabama law, first-degree rape (a Class A felony) is intercourse by force, or with someone who is physically or mentally incapacitated, or by anyone 16 or older with someone 12 or younger. Second-degree rape (a Class B felony) is intercourse with someone who cannot give consent because they are “mentally defective,” and also constitutes statutory rape (intercourse between someone 16 and older and someone between 12 and 16, if and only if the difference between the two people's ages is two years or more). Rape, sexual assault, and sex abuse charges are by their very definition a world of grays that demand the attention of a sex crimes defense attorney with a keen understanding of the law, experience and confidence in the courtroom, and compassion for the impact such charges have on the personal lives of the accused. To learn more about our firm's handling of sex crimes and about Steven Eversole's approach to aggressively defending his clients in such cases, we encourage you to look not only as his criminal defense blog (the only of its kind in the state of Alabama) but also at his sex crimes website, where we outline in more detail other particular sex crimes and applicable Alabama laws.

The Importance of Strong, Unyielding Legal Representation In A Sex Crimes Case

Given the potential penalties involved, the social stigma that comes with the charges alone… trust us when we say this is not a fight you want to take on without an advocate at your side that you trust and have confidence in. The Eversole Law Firm offers free initial consultations, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us, explaining your situation, and hearing how we might go about being of assistance to you. It's vital to the success of your case and the stability of your personal life that you choose your legal representation as soon as possible.